German shepherd Rottweiler Mix


German shepherd Rottweiler Mix

German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a powerful cute little dog. He is one of the lovely, affectionate and loyal companion. This breed need strong training. For this breed, daily exercise is also necessary for him. He prevents him from rude and harsh behavior. If you have young kids in the house then, the German shepherd Rottweiler mix is not be the best hybrid. But if you like him and enjoy the company of this amazing breed and also much able to provide the attention and training then you should have to bought it. However, German shepherd and Rottweiler Mix are the confident and best hybrids.

Basically this mix breed is that type of dog which needs complete and proper attention and has lots of energy for running and playing. He also enjoys the company of the family members. German shepherd is a second most famous breed. But according to the American Kennel Club, the Rottweiler is the eighth popular dog breed. This breed is smart and athletic dog that will also serve you as a loyal protector. Because of its muscular mass, the average weight of Rottweiler is approximately 80 or 90 pounds While the German shepherd Rottweiler mix weight is about 70 to 80 pounds and 24 inches in height.
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Appearance of German shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Sometimes, this canine has a robust appearance. The color of this breed is black, brown and sometimes grey. This breed is often brown or tan and black in color. The color of their coat will likely be medium length but have thick hair. Some people think that this canine overpowering and aggressive just because of her size.

Personality of German shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The personality of Rottweiler mix mostly depends on the personality of their parents. When the dog got negative appearance, then it can sometimes become protective.  It has a natural appearance. As he protects their owners and property, so he is an innocent breed.


Health of German shepherd Rottweiler Mix

If you read the above articles, you will noticed that there could be some health issues in German shepherds due to which the dog become older. Minor common health problems in GSD Rottweiler mix is Hip dyplasia just because of the immuity level of the canine. These hybrids have eyesight issue also. One more thing which you people noticed that German shepherds have allergies and itching as well. Especially when you keep your dog outside. So, try to keep your dog healthy in order to prevent them from arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Training and Exercise Needs of German shepherd Rottweiler Mix

These two dog breeds are very intelligent dogs but Rottweiler mix is easy to train. Try to use some good reinforcement as possible. But firstly make sure that your dog require plenty of exercise instead of being lazy throughout the day. One best tip for making your dog healthy is that take him to the walk in evening or morning  so he is not only maintain a healthy weight of your dog, but also help to keep the dog bones and joints active and powerful. These breeds have a high level of energy. Simply, they need a proper amount of exercise.
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