German Shepherd Poodle Mix

German Shepherd Poodle Mix

German shepherd Poodle Mix

The German shepherd Poodle Mix is a cute and adorable dog. German shepherd Poodle Mix is developed by the US Army in the 1960.This type of dog is a result of cross breeding between a German shepherd and Poodle Mix. The Shepadoodle has large floppy ears, almond shaped eyes and a round head. This crazy little puppy is a hybrid of two famous dogs which are making him thrill, sharp, intelligent and easy to train. If you want to go out for walk, then German shepherd will be a great addition to your family because these dogs are very energetic and loyal. They love to spend time outdoors.

This furry friend is spend some time with your kids. This dog breed is mostly used for different special tasks such as herding, rescuing and searching abilities. German shepherd poodle are very friendly and loyal to their families.  If they left alone for few hours, then they become unpleasant and destructive.

If you want to adopt such dog or German shepherd poodle mix, then these details should be kept in mind



  • Height

The average height of German shepherd poodle mix is 22-28 inches.

  • Weight

The average weight should be 50-80 pounds.

  • Coat Appearance

The coat appearance will be medium length, thick and dense.

  • Coat Type

Wavy, curly, varies on the dog

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German shepherd Poodle Mix are very caring and are protective of their owners. These dogs are very friendly with kids as well as with adults and they also take care of children during their playtime. They enjoy to spend time in the yard where they can breath and play freely. German shepherd Poodle Mix will also response to the instructions of the family members.


They are extremely faithful, energetic and active dog. They mostly devoted their time in long walk every day. You should allow this little cute loyal dog to play inside. Moreover, this dog can be satisfied by any Park or yard.


Due to its intelligent behaviour German shepherd Poodle Mix can pick instructions and commands very quickly.


The Shepadoodle are full of energy. So this dog needs different types of exercises. To live happy, these hybrid need much activity.


Give 3 to 4 cups of artificial dry dog food to your pet. Also give him a nutritious diet containing rich quantity of protein and vitamins. In order to keep healthy, fit and cute, minerals are very necessary for him. The lifespan of German Shepherd Poodle mix have 12 to 14 years.

Health Issue

You should take care of your dog or pet. This dog needs high activity. These dogs enjoy during camping, long walks, trips and hiking etc. So if you want the best for his health, it is your first duty to take care of your little dog.

The dogs who walk, it will be beneficial for them otherwise they are at risk of getting obese and lazy if they stay inactive. So take your doggy out for some fun with other dogs and puppy as well as socialization.

Pros And Cons Of German Shepherd Dog Poodle Mix

The German Shepherd Dog poodle mix is certainly the dogs that will soften you. These mix breeds are ideal as a family dog. Their personality, good looks and the big hair make you want them to cuddle. That said; let’s find out more about this amazing breed.

GSD Poodle mix is for those who want the personality trait of a German shepherd but do not want the mess of shedding.

Pros of GSD Poodle mix:

• The personality of this mix breed is very family-friendly; this breed is known for its intelligence. They like to learn new things and like to show off about it.

• Since this breed is a crossover between a German shepherd and a poodle and both of these dogs are known for their intelligence and loyalty, it is easy to assume that the mix will inherit all the ancestor characteristics.

• They are a highly friendly dog, love children. They are known for being a marvelous guide and teammate dogs. They are very sociable and have a lot of stamina; they are attention-seeker, they demand a lot of owner’s attention. They can easily be trained and their faithfulness in extraordinary.
• When trained and molded at an early age, they will get along with other pets. They know their boundaries and are quick to recognize the same about different pets. If not raised with other pets, they may be aware of other pet (in their presence), but they rarely show any aggressive behaviour toward any other animal.
• They do not mind the temperature, hot or cold weather they can live with both of them.

• As per their parent breeds, they are active and alert to protect who they are loyal and faithful.

Cons of German Shepherd Poodle mix:

• This breed is high-maintenance. Long daily walks are necessary to keep them from being overweight and bored. A lot of toys is needed to keep them busy or if you have children, let them play with this dog as long as they want. Professional grooming is required to keep them happy and clean. They will, in general, tend to shed a little hair.

• These animals have a lot of stamina, so they need to do a massive amount of activity to burn their energy. The best practice to keep them in good shape to take them for a jog daily. It is recommended to take a jog on the hilly area or go for a hike. As these dogs are active and energetic, they do not like to live in apartments or a small area. A house with a lawn is an ideal place for these animals.

• Although this breed is a healthy crossover, there are still health problems associated with hips, skin and eyes. Daily exercise, a great dieting plan and regular grooming will help to reduce these worries.

• The crossbred poodles are sold as designers dogs, and they are sold at a very high price. There is some certainty that not all puppies possess the parent’s best features; some dogs might end up shedding a lot.

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