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The word Beagle is derived from a French word named beguile. The meaning of this word is open throat, or from the Old English word beag, meaning small. This GSD beagle mix originated in the 19th century from 400 B.C. Have you ever seen a friendly and energetic german shepherd or deciding to adopt such a cute pet? If your answer is no, then you are absolutely at the perfect site. The heart of this GSD beagle mix is pure and needs much attention and love. Every shepherd is not lovely, bright and attractive. But some of them, including Mix Beagle, require a significant amount of attention. The Mix Beagle German Shepherd belongs to the hound family. They use their noses to find something, no matter how far away they are. One of the great reasons behind this mix of Beagle’s popularity is that it is available in a small-medium size range. German Shepherd Beagle mix is not only a friendly animal but also a hardworking pet. He can easily adjust himself, no matter whatever the environment is. Furthermore, its weight is around 20 to 70 pounds and even as tall as approximately 24 inches.f any of you are still searching for fast and highly-trained dogs; then this German Shepherd Mix Beagle is specially made for you. 

This GSD mix beagle is one of the famous german shepherds. Other than that, this dog is considered a designer dog. The exercise requirement for this incredible animal is exceptionally high. In other words, you can say that it is a lovely companion. It is a fantastic dog with multiple qualities, including a heightened sense of humour and the ability to train. Beagles Mix German Shepherd is mostly known for being such incredible, loyal and affectionate dogs. This is the only reason we love them so much. Unfortunately, this fear converts them into deep and separation anxiety. In short, your Beagle gets huge nervous when you are not around.

General Description:-

We have briefly described the breed characteristics of this German Shepherd Beagle Mix. The complete details or description are as under

Size:15-24 inches.
Avg. Weight:22-50lb.
Lifespan:10-14 years.
Coat:Short single or medium length double coat.
Color:Typically black, brown and white.
Do They Shed:Yes.
Temperament:Jolly, playful, friendly, curious and adventurous.
Socialization:Gets along very well with other people and other dogs.
Destructive Behavior:Destructive when bored or neglected.
People Skills:Very people-oriented and eager to please.
Good with Children:Yes.
Activity Levels:Very high.


The size of this beagle German shepherd Mix is changed. During training, these dogs need some stubbornness. Moreover, its dense coat has a medium length. They inherit the double jacket. This lovely animal needs more grooming and daily brushing as well. The ears of the GSD Beagle mix are floppy or pointed as well, and their snout exists in medium-sized. Brown eyes are probably going to be on your Beagle Shepherd pup. Due to the large bladder, sometimes they need to pee outside.


German Shepherd Beagle mix animals are easy to train. However, their temperament makes them a little lazy. When you adopt this animal, it’s become your moral duty to trim their nails frequently. We advised you not to troll or scold this animal when they do something wrong. Give them some toys so that he enjoyed their own company and never felt bored alone. 


Such animals need to be exercised daily. They have a lot of stamina and a high level of energy. As they need massive stimulation, they need almost one hour of exercise daily. Because of their strong sense of smell, they find every lost thing. No doubt, they are hardworking dogs. We are highly advised not to leave them overnight because they become ill when they stay outside for a long time. They need enough space for exercise to stretch their legs. GSD Beagle mix needs a relatively quiet, comfy and warm place to stay. We recommend you to purchase this lovely beagle mix for home protection. If your pet feels skin irritation, take him to the doctor. They gave the best suggestion and asked him for better soap and shampoo to use. When you take your dog for an outing, then buy some useful accessories for your dog. They love to play with toys and enjoy their own company in a significant way. Also, give them a jersey to protect them from severe cold. One of the fantastic things which they love to play is a chewable cotton blend rope tug. It will surely keep your dog busy. 

Health Conditions:-

One fantastic thing about this dog is that they have more minor health problems. Many people are searching for how to keep them healthy. So, we advised you to give them a healthy diet so that their immune system works properly. One factor may badly ruin their health, i.e. eating too fast. One common type of disease is Epilepsy. However, they also have the risk of hypothyroidism, eye conditions, obesity, glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, and factor VII deficiency. Obesity is the central problem in cats and dogs and exists in the German shepherd Beagle Mix as well.


The diet of such German shepherds consists of carbon and proteins. Therefore, please give them a smaller portion of meats, beef, chicken and fish. Also, divide their multiple meals into 3x a day and 5x a day. Not only meals, but you can give them fresh fruits and vegetables as well. In other words, you can say that dogs can eat everything. But we recommend you not to provide them with old food because it badly damages your health. We have listed some of the typical food which you can easily give your German shepherd Beagle Mix. The details are as under.

  • Coffee or alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Chicken Bones
  • Grapes 
  • Raisin
  • Chocolate or any food with Chocolate

What are the Pros and Cons of GSD Beagle Mix

Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this Beagle German Shepherd Mix pet.

GSD Beagle mix is very smart petTheir training period may be tough
Such a loyal and protective dogCan get hyper vigilant.
Very friendlyHigh energy levels can be exhausting.
Engaging and amusing to watch.Personality traits can be hard to predict.


How big will a beagle German shepherd mix get?

The weight and height of this GSD beagle mix lie between two parent breeds. According to the details, the male Beagle German Shepherd height is approximately 13 to 26 inches tall and 20 to 90 pounds in weight. At the same time, a female Beagle German Shepherd mix can be between 13 and 24 inches tall and 20 to 70 pounds in weight.

What is the life expectancy of a beagle mix?

The lifespan of this German Shepherd Beagle Mix is 10 to 14 years.

Do beagle mixes bark a lot?

No doubt, Beagle barks a lot. But there is the main reason behind their barking. They bark because they are afraid of anything close to them, like squirrels if you stay with them in the neighbourhood. If there is a massive number of squirrels, then they feel challenged to stay there. However, all beagles are not quite enough.

Are they easy to train?

Yes, this lovely animal is easy to train. They need much attention. Moreover, this breed is intelligent, keen to work.

Does Beagle Mix sleep much?

The German Shepherd Beagle Mix sleeps between 10 to 12 hours per day. But the Beagle puppies will sleep for much longer, typically for 18-20 hours per day. 

Do German Shepherd good house dogs?

German shepherds Beagle Mix are such gentle and loyal companions. They are great family protectors with proper training and socialization.

Can GSD mix beagles be left alone at home?

No, they don’t protect well. However, they need regular exercise to thrive.

How Much Does a German Shepherd Beagle Mix Cost?

The average cost of a German Shepherd Beagle mix is about $500.

Grooming and Shedding

They also need weekly or bi-weekly brushing daily. It’s your moral duty to give GSD Beagle Mix a full bath, and shampoo treatment can be given every 2 or 3 months.


I hope you are satisfied with our discussion mentioned above now. If you want to adopt this lovely German shepherd Beagle Mix, then we will recommend you to buy this asap. We guarantee you that you enjoyed this company. Pay attention to their high exercise and attention requirements because they will need a lot of it. It’s a great addition to your home. Its actual price ranges from $400-$700. You can also take it to new places as well. However, you will never ever feel bored with this amazing dog. Its presence will shower you with unconditional puppy love. This is the only website that keeps you updated on the German Shepherd dogs. So, visit this website daily and stay in touch with us. If you have any query or have any confusion, feel free to contact us at our website. 

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