German shepherd Chow mix

German Shepherd Chow Mix

German shepherd Chow mix is one of the best and great canine. Actually,this dog is a mashup or mixture of two breeds i.e German shepherd and a chow. These are one of the best and healthy  animals. Usually, chow mix shepherds come from china. They are sometimes, compared with cats. Chow mix is independent and sturdy breed. Just  like other cats, they are also reserved. They  don’t need all time attention. Because of his high speed and stamina, they have been used as sport dogs.

one of the good thing is that they plays an amazing and important role in his own overall temperament. This kind of hybrid need a huge amount of exercise also. Your sweet little dog or puppy will be energetic and strong. However, they are extremely intelligent dogs. In order to avoid boredom, they need constant physical and mental stimulation. Just because of these, they are sweet and playing dogs. They love the people which are able to trust. they have a puffy personality.


Actually the chow mix breeds are very clever dog. They are spiritual than the German shepherd. They have the ability of seeking human attention occasionally. They also entertain the family members. Just like German shepherd parent, GSD chow mix breed also have a long muzzle. The  ears of GSD chow mix are like flopping tops. However,their tails will curve up. Their weight can be approximately varies from 40 to 80 pounds. He is 19 to 26 inches tall also.
German Shepherd Chow Mix
Generally, they are large and healthy breed. Lifespan of these dogs can be between 10 to 12 years. If he become ill,  then you should consult  doctor for him. You can also prevent them from various health problems. Some major health issues in your puppy might be hip dyplasia, flea allergies, eye problem, heart problem, joint dyplasia and many more.

You should also groomed him daily. Brush his teeth four times a week. Give bath to your dog every time he needs.  You have to clipped his nails and keep him neat and clean. The blood vessels and nerves of your puppy extend further, so don’t ever try to cut and hurt your dog.

One of the important thing to notice is that not to overfeed your dog. It is best to keep your dog healthy as soon as possible. So, it is your moral duty to feed your dog three to four cups of dry dog food and split it in two different sections.

The chow mix requires a lot of exercise. They also need attention and mental stimulation. These puppies need training. They love to play a games with kids. These dogs are relatively new and develop new health problems which we don’t yet know about. Some major and dangerous health issue is one and only hip dysplasia, eye problems, bloating,flea allergies, heart problems, and joint dysplasia. The lifespan of this dog is about ten to fourteen years.

Actually, the German shepherd Chows mix is a loyal dog with a pack mentality. In short, these cute little habbits making them a super and lovely dog breed. They wake up early and go to jogging. The homes with big and open backyards are the best suited to house a German Shepherd Chow mix.

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