German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix


German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix is a designer breed between pure breeds of German Shepherd and Chihuahua. This canine has a best lifespan. As this is smaller in size than a German shepherd but larger than a Chihuahua mix.  Inspite of all these, when they are excited, these dogs shiver. They love to be companion dogs and have no problem with hanging out with you.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix – Everything You Need to Know

The Chihuahua is a breed of small or mini dog, which hardly needs introduction due to the fame that precedes it. It is one of the oldest breeds known in the American continent, and it is that the first specimens are estimated to have appeared around the 12th century.




German Shepherd Chihuahua Appearance

It has a great similarity in terms of characteristics and size with the Fennec Fox, another small desert animal with which it does not seem to have real genetic connections, which leads us to think that it was the characteristics of the desert that they did, along with the evolution that these Animals came to be as we know them. This dog is larger than a Chihuahua but smaller than a German shepherd, this mix can be a small to medium dog. This hybrid have slightly short hair, which sheds slightly. They have slightly long fur. This  Mix Breed also require a lot of exercise.

It is a tiny dog, with large and straight ears, as well as a firm little body and well proportion in its height. It is certainly a compact animal, but stronger than it seems too.  The color of German shepherd and Chihuahua are same which is brown or black. Chihuahua mix dogs are wise and intelligent too. The size of this breed, is in between the Chihuahua and the GSD.

Its head is not too big compared to the body, and it has a slight apple shape. It has very large and unique ears, which end in a point and that always remain erect and firm on the head.

Also striking are his small, bulging eyes, always dark and attentive to any strange movement. It also shows a medium-sized tail that is held high and usually forms a semicircle towards the back. In addition, its legs are quite long and muscular, capable of supporting it in any condition.

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Of course, it has its own characteristics, among which:

  • Intelligence
  • Bravery
  • Tenacity
  • Cunning

As well as being very observant and being able to always achieve its purposes. However, education and the relationship between the dog and his family will be key to develop some behaviors or others. It can be very loving and tender, but it can also be very playful or capricious. It can even develop nervous, aggressive or dominant behavior when spoiled, a tendency of most owners in the face of its apparent fragility.

It is also a very sociable breed at all levels, but it is advisable to bet on early socialization to avoid creating too much dependence on its owner and that this leads to unwanted behavior towards other people or other animals.

They are especially recommended for people who live alone or for those who cannot take care of a larger animal, since the chihuahua is an easy dog ​​to care for, maintain and manage.

They are great companions, very affectionate and cuddly with their owner, although the possibility that they will not behave well if they are pampered too much should always be kept in mind.

How do I take care of German Shepherd Chihuahua mix?

Generally speaking, a Chihuahua requires the same care as any other larger dog.

The Chihuahua is a strong animal that rarely gets sick, but you should always pay attention to any changes in its behavior to avoid possible complications.

The short coat of the chihuahua requires little maintenance. It hardly loses hair and is usually kept in good condition, so frequent brushing will be enough to keep the coat shiny.

Food is key in the care of the chihuahua, and it is that it is a breed with a tendency to obesity. It is necessary to follow adequate and balanced nutrition, in addition to being recommended to provide other foods beyond dry food, because it is an omnivorous breed.

Although it is a small dog, the Chihuahua has large doses of accumulated energy that requires release.

As we have already seen, the education of the chihuahua is one of the points where to influence from puppy. You must try to be firm with your education and not pamper him too much, so you can enjoy the best relationship and a loving and completely balanced dog.


The exercise timing of this breed is thirty minutes. Only those people select or choose this dog who live in small houses, apartments or in small places. If you have plenty of time for exercise and training, then this breed can be a good pet. You should be particularly cautious if you have small children. GSD Chihuahua mix feels happy when they go long walks, hiking and playing with their owners. However, it is vital to remember to socialize your puppy regularly.

Health Issues

When getting a dog, health is necessary thing you need to consider. Usually, this dog breed have one disease in common which is, hip and elbow dysplasia. This is not a serious disease and you can manage it efficiently.

Chihuahua mix quickly adopt the problem of obesity. So, try to feed him the right foods. Also be conscious on the diet of this dog. So, you should find some healthy and awesome foods for your little mix breed. This dog also include few health problems like congenital heart defect. Chihuahua mix lives hardly nine to twenty years. They need extreme groom requirements.

Well, now everyone know that the German shepherd and Chihuahua mix are the two dogs which are different in characteristics. The majority of Chihuahua mix sheds as the season changes. You should brush your little Chihuahua puppy at least once a week so he does not shed all over your clothes. You can give your dog bath daily, when you feel the need. Don’t shower your Chihuahua mix too much because daily bath can dry his skin. Also clipping their nails regularly.

This dog is small in size with a big and tremendous personality. The best way to get this dog, is by mating a female GSD with the male Chihuahua with your little bit help. But these little doggies are not best and suitable for those who live away from home for long period of time. With its positive traits, it also has a negative behavior such as loud barking, chewing, digging etc. They always demand extra care from their owners.


Chihuahuas are much stronger dogs than they seem, however, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects of their health that may be affected by the characteristics of the breed.

They require special care at birth, in addition to specific dental care. They may also have some genetic or neurological problems, such as epilepsy or strokes. It is also relatively common for them to have hydrocephalus or water in the brain, a soft spot on the skull that disappears after approximately six months old.

You should also pay attention to the health of your eyes, since they are very exposed and can easily present infections. And, of course, be careful to injure or injure them if they are stepped on or if they fall from a considerable height, since despite their strength they are still very small animals with a quite fragile and delicate body.


Although, its size and characteristics makes it adaptable to living in any environment, even on very small floors. A curiosity of the chihuahua is that it has a character that can be very fickle depending on the environment in which it grows up. In addition, he is very intelligent, so do not hesitate to teach him tricks and orders with which both of you will have fun. Hope this article would be very helpful for you.


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