German Shepherd breeds types

Germen Shepherd breeds types:

Actually, there are many types of German Shepherds but we will discuss only five inside the breeds which are the distinctive lines. Moreover, there are different varieties in qualities like shading, coat example and coat length that change the appearance from puppies to puppies. Unregulated hereditary oddities give us German Shepherds, that can appear to be exceptionally unique to each other inside a similar line e.g. a strong white, since quite a while ago haired American Show Line Germen Shepherd Dog is the live example. Specifically with the shades, it’s important there are diverse coat designs as well, that can alter the coat look. Here are the five types of Germen shepherd breeds:

  • American / Canadian show lines German Shepherd Dog
  • West German show lines German Shepherd Dog
  • West German working lines German Shepherd Dog
  • DDR /East German working lines German Shepherd Dog
  • Czech working lines German Shepherd Dog

American / Canadian show lines German Shepherd Dog:

There are 5 kinds of German Shepherd lines in the German Shepherd Dog breed. One of the important is American / Canadian show lines.


This breed of German shepherd is usually longer, smarter and taller than European lines. These Dogs come in different traits like in color (black and tan saddle), bi-color, solid black, solid and sable white. They were and are reared essentially for show rings and show conformances. For the most part,  these dogs are substantially gentler, softer, and have bring down working drive than different lines.

West Germen show lines German Shepherd Dog:

In five types of German shepherd breeds Second one is West Germen show lines German Shepherd breed.


The Western German show lines can be used as family pets and protectors. Some managed projects in present day times are rearing a specific line like unique reproducing measures, however these breeds are unique by their traits. The West German show lines have a gentler working edge than the working lines, yet at the same time keep up a decent working drive.

West Germen working lines German Shepherd Dog:

Similarly like others Germen shepherd breeds we will discuss third breed i.e: West Germen working lines German Shepherd Dog.


These dogs can be considered efficient in work and also desire to please their owners with their naughty behaviour, which make them unique working dog breeds and also as a family pets.

DDR /East Germen working lines German Shepherd Dog:

As we have discussed, each breed has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Likewise, its also an interesting German Shepherd breed.


This breed of Germen shepherd was especially bred  for military purposes due to their extra ordinary sniffing quality. These dogs needed to have a large number of the characteristics human warriors do with the end goal to flourish in their working jobs. they needed to have continuance, iron will and center, fearlessness and high knowledge

Czech working lines German Shepherd Dog:

Last and interesting breed is Czech working lines Germen shepherd breed type.


The Czech comprise outstanding working energy and tend to be concentrated agile working dogs. Czech German Shepherds show all a similar high vitality, drive, perseverance, physicality, and exercise/preparing necessities of DDR German Shepherds.
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