German Shepherd Border Collie mix

german shepherd collie mix

German Shepherd Border Collie mix

German shepherd Collie mix is a hybrid of two super intelligent and highly energetic dog breeds. They are the members of herding group. Collie mix is a best breed. He can win of any owner’s heart with extreme love and gentle nature. They are intelligent,brave, protected and full of energy. They also knows how to entertain their owner.

Tips To Adopt This Shollie

If you want to adopt this little German shepherd Collie mix, then you should know these interesting facts about this little cute pet.

    • The popularity of this lovely dog breed has been growing day by day. One of the important thing about this dog is that they have spectacular look and they resemble to a purebred than a designer breed.  Collie mix also resemble with German shepherd. He covered with warm and beautiful coats, large and strong bodies with expressive eyes. But one thing which betrays them is that they are less hairy tail and floppy ears. Mostly these dogs have a tan colored coat, but you can also find black and also some white
    • The different dog breeds require different level of dog-ownership expertise because they varying with personality traits, maintenance needs, growing requirements and health issues. These things can make them more challenging for first time owners.
    • Owners should to do regular brushing of these lovely cannies hence they are safe from health and skin issues.

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  • German shepherd collie mix is one of the most energetic dog breed. Regular physical exercise keeps them healthy. Consequently, the combination of these two dog breeds results in an explosion of high energy.
  • German shepherd Collie Mix quite well on their own.  You can leave them alone at home for short period of time without any hesitation. Moreover, its necessary for their owners to give them some fresh air in day light according to their schedule.
  • German shepherds are known for their lovely and affectionate nature.German shepherd collie mix  love snuggling. Owners should give proper care to these innocent cannies.

Behaviour Of Shollies

German shepherd Collie mix loves playing with her owners. It is your foremost duty that you are always ready to gratify and play with your pet with a game, a belly rub or snuggle.From all over the world, the police and military force commonly use the aid of German shepherd for different activities and tasks. Shollies are the smartest and crazy breed So we can train them for our ease of work. This is very happy animal. You can really enjoy with this pet.

German Shepherd are famous for being intelligent, wonderful and protective dogs. They are very strong, loyal and friendly animal. German Shepherds are mostly used by police forces and military as helping or working dogs. The German Shepherds are very smart and easy to tame. Such type of dogs are truly a human best friend.

One of the fun activity for your puppy is hunting. So if you people are satisfied with the above mentioned dog needs, then you are in for a long, loving, and happy companionship with one of the best gsd mix breeds in the world.

German Shepherd Collie Mix Puppies For Adoption

This breed is highly energetic and intelligent dog breed. This breed is from two of the best herding dog breed in the world. It is very loyal, and these would be ideal working dogs be it in herding for police work and guarding. This breed is very beautiful and very smart no other breed is loyal as this breed.
They also make a perfect companion for someone who gives them the amount of mental and physical stimulation they need. These dogs need special care and the amount of love these dogs are a lot of work but worth it.
To create this hybrid, the parent must be one purebred Border collie and the other one purebred German shepherd.
This energetic and intelligent breed and also loyal to their owner is becoming very popular with the people who want a solid working dog or a loyal companion.
These dogs are very energetic and intelligent and very loving breed these dogs are becoming very popular with the people who want a solid working dog and loving companion.
These dogs have very strong muscles and a high level of stamina they can protect you in every situation.


These are the few tips which you are required to adopt this breed follow these tips and you will able to adopt this breed.

• This breed, like many other breeds, requires a lot of time and care and attention to it, so you have to give time to this breed to take good care of this dog.
• This dog for Adoption has a well-developed instinct to protect their loved one.
• These dogs get along with the children and other animals, provided that the first acquaintance occurred in the puppy age.
• To adopt this breed, they should be certified by the American kennel club so breeder should be able to provide paperwork for both parents.
• These breeds need special care and attention when they are in small age.
• Only feeds them pure dog food which you can buy from any shop but try to use only original food for them.
• They need the treatment for fleas and worm, and you should provide them with that treatment.
• You should always take good care of their diet and food because this will help them to grow fast and healthier.
• In case if you are planning to adopt them than make sure to do the proper paperwork because in some countries it’s very important to sign the papers for Adoption.
• Make sure to provide them with better food and care. You can also adjust the environment according to their choice and can also search for their favorite color as well.
• If they tend lean towards Collies parent, they should be less, and weight only weights 40 lbs, but mostly these breed tends towards German shepherd because everyone wants a strong and a tall dog to protect them.
• In case if you feel they are not adjusting with your environment than you can go for a walk with them so that they can see other things as well.

German Shepherd border collie mix

German Shepherd VS Border Collie

German Shepherd :

German shepherd has become the world most popular Breed because these breeds are very strong, and these breeds are specially trained to protect you. They are used by police for security and guarding. This Breed is very large in size about 21 to 27 inches tall and very heavy in weight about 70 to 90 pounds.
This Breed is very loyal to their owners, and they never betray them. This Breed is the most loyal Breed in the world. That’s one of the reasons everyone wants this Breed. This dog has a very interesting history. German shepherd breed of working dog developed in Germany from traditional herding of farm dogs.
This Breed has very strong muscle and very high stamina. This is why this Breed is mostly using for guarding and security. This Breed required special attention and good care. If you can’t give this dog good attention and care, then don’t adopt this Breed. You have to take care of his health to give them a proper diet.
Doctor appointments every week and many more things that are required for the care of this dog. They can be in many colors. But most of them are tan and black or reddish and black. They can be all black or sable as well.
The German shepherd was the first Breed as working dog primarily to herd sheep and protect them from their predator. This Breed is one of the most popular in the world. This is because they can act as a good guard as well as a good pet dog.

Border Collie :

Border Collie is considered among the most intelligent Breed in the world. This Breed stands 20 inches tall and weighs 31 to 50 pounds. It’s usually a long haired dog. This dog is often black and white in color. This Breed is a very friendly dog people love this dog as a pet because this dog loves to play with children.
This dog is very loyal to their owner and his family, Breed of herding dog, typically an outstanding sheepdog, which has been used along the English-Scottish border for about 300 years. This Breed is one of the intelligent dogs in the world. This dog is extremely energetic, acrobatic and athletic.
This dog is a mid-size dog with a moderate amount of coat, which is most often tick and sheds often. This dog requires considerably more daily physical exercise and mental stimulation than any other Breed.
The primal role of these dogs is to herd livestock’s, this dog is becoming increasingly popular as a companion animal. The natural life span of this dog is between 10 and 14 years, with an average lifespan of 12 years.
This dog needs special care, and they needed to feed them pure and original food which you can buy from the normal shopping center.
This dog has common health problems considered the primary genetic diseases of concern in the Breed at this time; these diseases include such as eye disease involving the retina, choroid and sclera.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Life Expectancy

This breed is the world’s most popular and intelligent breed in the world. But the life expectancy to this dog is only 13 to 15 years. Because after the age of 12 years, this dog started to face some serious health issue which let this dog towards death.
This breed doesn’t live over 15 years. The oldest dog was 17 years. This dog takes up a lot of space due to the high energy level it needs to have high space to run freely and enjoy the 15 years of his life. We know that this life period is short, but you will love these 15 years with this dog.

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