German Shepherd And Pitbull Mix

German shepherd and Pitbull Mix

The German shepherd Pitbull mix is a combination of two large breed dog. This is a hybrid dog with the lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. This lovely breed can also be used as a guard because he is protective and loyal too. GSD Pitbull mix is one of the loyal, strong, energetic and intelligent dog. As you all know that shepherd also known as designer dogs. But the problem is that these dog breed come with a heavy price tag. In previous days, the purpose of owner was to mashup or mix the mentality level of the German shepherd and the power of Pitbull mix. In German shepherd Pitbull mix, you can get the different personality and looks.


German shepherd

This dog was first developed back to the late 19 century and the early 20th century. In Germany, German shepherd pitbull mix used to herd the sheep. The Germany cavalry officer wanted the wolfish dog as a working so he reached out to the police and military. German shepherd is very intelligent, skillful and athletic dog. Inspite of all these, they were reserved with unknown, strangers and intelligent. But one major problem is that he is not much protective and aggressive. Pitbull Mix German Shepherd is totally loyal, loving and affectionate with the owner and family. He is one of the best watchdog and highly trainable but they doesn’t require physical and mental exercise. When he/she will get bored, they are start acting up. They feel scared from darkness.

The Pitbull

The pitbull mix was created in 1800 century in England. They were taking part in bull and bear baiting, which is one of the popular As the purpose of pitbull was to fight, so this dog is very powerful, strong, aggressive than other dogs. The Pitbull mix is a confident and gentle breed. if the size of pitbull mix is not fit for you lap, then he does not care for this. These dog love and like to huddle up with his master and relax. Pitbull mix really love to get the attention, care and loves being around people.

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This breed is larger in size. The weight is about 65 to 85 lbs and height is upto 18 to 24 inches tall. He look alike with their parents. German shepherd pitbull mix have two bent ears and short muzzle too. These coats are dense and thick.

Exercise and Training Needs

  • As this dog breed needs both physical and mental existence so take your German Pitbull Mix on a long run or jogging because when he is one year old, his legs become shorter.
  • One major drawback is that GSD Pitbull mix are difficult to train
  • GSD pitbull are not good for first time dog owners.

German shepherd And Pitbull Mix Health Concerns

One of the important and foremost responsibility is to check the medical history of your dog. Below are some useful and  important health issues.Have a look.

  • Severe Allergies
  •  Dangerous Skin Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dyplasia is the most important, hilarious and bad reasons so you have to make sure that Pitbull mix dog gets sufficient exercise or not.
  • Bloating

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