Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corgi German Shepherd Mix :

Corgi GSD mix is a great hybrid. He is the best, great and energetic dog breed. As u all know that German shepherd is very intelligent,energetic and loyal breed too. When corgi mixed with German shepherd it seems as a loyal and friendly family pet which is great with children. However, Corgi German shepherd is a type of breeding between a German shepherd and a corgi. Some people also called him a common shepherd. In early days,  this lovely designer dog is very famous in all over the world. GSD Corgi mix was first originated in 1200 BC. They slowly started to cross breed with others dogs. Corgi mix is a strong working dog too. It is mostly used by the  police and military. However, this type of canine is mostly belong to a British Royal Family.

In Corgi GSD,there are two main kinds of Corgi dogs. First one is Pembroke welsh corgi and the second one is Cardigan welsh corgi. Corgi mix is a super talented and best watchdog. Corgi German shepherd mix  are the cutest dog breed.

The height of corgi mix is about 12 to 15 inches which means that they are medium or large in size.  GSD Corgi mix had a flat head. They have almond shaped  beautiful shining black eyes. Their weight is about 20 to 70 pounds and lifespan is 12 to 15 years. The maintenance level of this canine is ultimately low. The color of GSD Corgi mix is golden. They have also little spots of black and white. The ears of Corgi mix are erect.

Corgi germam shepherd mix

As corgi mix is very intelligent dog, so he is easy to train. They temperament level of this dog is high. Corgi is very loyal to  the family members. He is protective to their kids. When something happens, they alert the family member by barking.

Health Problems

Like other German shepherd, corgi dogs have also health problems. One important health problem is bloat. They are cute and healthy. Some health problem included back pain, dental, allergies, eye problems and increased risks of cancer etc.

Take Care of Your Dog

Taking care is one of the most important for every dog. So, it is your moral duty to look after your canine or breed \. Take him to exercise Give them a healthy food. Look after his grooming, training etc.

How to train Corgi Shepherd Mix

I will suggest you to arrange the crate when they become ill.

“As the puppy crate is a secure  and safe place. As he is a animal, so he also need rest in life just like other canine. they  also feel relax too.  This crate is very relaxable and comfortable. They have sufficient bed space and good air flow. These breed need much attention as compared to other dogs.


In old days, Socialization is one of the best key for the dog’s proper behavior as compared to other animals or pets. German shepherd chow mix  are only famous because they do not get along. Especially with cats and other dog breed, they have not been completely socialized from a young age.
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